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Comfortable Wearing Dentures

Besides disrupting the process of chewing food and talking, incomplete teeth can also reduce the aesthetics of one's face. But take it easy, these problems can be overcome by using dentures. Interested in filling the void in the mouth with dentures? First read the information below. Dentures are removable dentures. Made from plastic or metal that is specially produced to fit natural teeth and gums, dentures can give a natural appearance effect. Types of Dentures There are two types of dentures, namely complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete Dentures This type of denture is used if all of your teeth are gone. There are complete dentures that can be made 'immediately' and installed after your teeth have been removed. Because of its rapid manufacturing, these dentures require longer adjustments in the mouth because the gums and bone under the teeth that have been removed will usually shrink. So usually these teeth are only used as a temporary solution. But t
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Pregnant Women Drink Coffee, Safe or Dangerous

Pregnant women drink coffee should pay attention to the amount every day. Coffee can cause adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses, if taken excessively. Actually not only coffee intake that needs to be limited by pregnant women, but also other foods and drinks that contain caffeine. Examples of foods or drinks containing caffeine, namely chocolate, soft drinks and tea. In addition, caffeine is also usually added to cold medicines and energy drinks. Pay attention to whatever you consume and read information about the contents listed on the packaging. Risks of Drinking Coffee in Pregnant Women Generally, drinking too much coffee can cause symptoms of anxiety, addiction, insomnia, fast heart beat, indigestion, high blood pressure, frequent urination, migraine and tremor. In addition, the caffeine in coffee can penetrate the placenta of pregnant women and can have an impact on the unborn baby. Some risks of drinking coffee in pregnant women and fetuses, including: Pregnant w

Recommended Breastfeeding Mothers Food

Nursing mothers usually do not need to make changes to the schedule or amount of food nutrition while breastfeeding. But the important thing is, food for nursing mothers must be able to provide adequate nutrition, both for the mother herself and for her baby. Let us examine some basic things related to nutritional needs during the process. Nutritious Foods Recommended To meet the needs of mothers and babies, the following foods can be an ideal choice for nursing mothers. Whole wheat and brown rice Carbohydrate needs that can be obtained from rice and bread, of course, must be met. In order to not merely enter carbohydrates, occasionally replace this menu with whole grains that are richer in fiber. Whole grains also have very good benefits for mothers and babies because they are rich in folic acid. You can also mix whole wheat with brown rice to maintain energy levels, such as brown rice can be an alternative because it can provide calories to produce high quality breast mil

9-Month Baby, Can Respond and Socialize

A 9-month-old baby can understand your words better and be able to try to respond with words as well. A 9-month-old baby girl generally weighs 6.6-10.4 kg with a length of 65.6-74.7 cm. While baby boys weigh 7.2-10.9 kg with a length of 67.7-76.2 cm. As his consciousness develops, he will react when he is in certain situations that were not previously a problem for him, such as the room lights being turned off or crying when you go to work. The good news is that 9-month-old babies generally won't cry for a long time because their attention can be easily diverted. Motor Ability In general, 9-month-old babies need a room that is spacious and safe to move, such as crawling, standing, and exploring the surroundings. This is because he can already do various things, such as: Can remove objects from the toy box. He will love to move his colorful toys from one place to another. You can also be his playmate, like by rolling the ball on you repeatedly. After learning to stand by hol

Overview of IVF Procedures

A husband and wife who have difficulty having children, should not be discouraged. IVF method is one that can be taken. But what exactly is the IVF process? Medically the process of IVF is called in vitro fertilization (IVF). Pregnancy that occurs begins with the egg fertilized by sperm outside the body in a tube. A series of procedures In contrast to pregnancy in general, where fertilization takes place in the body, IVF has certain procedures. IVF procedures are usually performed after the consumption of drugs, surgery or artificial insemination is not able to overcome the problem of infertility. The IVF method consists of a series of procedures, which include: Stimulating the female body by injecting hormones to produce several eggs at a time. Testing through blood or ultrasound tests to determine readiness for egg collection. Previously, the woman will also be given an injection that will help mature the developing egg and start the ovulation process. During the egg retrie